Available courses

Course image English & Creative Drama - No Poverty / SDG 1

In this lesson, SDG 1 - No Poverty is the main objective. Its main topic is understanding what poverty is, how different countries experience poverty and how to spread awareness. This will be done through the use of  English language & creative drama as tools for communication and spreading awareness . Throughout the lesson , the students will work in groups to explore, brainstorm engage in critical thinking , develop their creativity through role play and writing a poem. Its final product is the public service announcement regarding 'No Poverty".

Course image Social Studies - Quality Education / SDG 4

In SDG 4 Quality Education lesson - Learners will learn the differences in quality education between countries around the globe and realise the importance of it for development on personal level.

Course image Creative Drama - Gender Equality / SDG 5

SDG 5-Gender Inequality is aimed in this course. The main topic of the course is to make students comprehend the importance of gender inequality. At the end of the course, students will gain awareness based on improvisations on gender inequality.

Course image Social Studies - Reduced Inequality / SDG 10

In SDG 10 Quality Education lesson learners will learn the different types of inequalities and plan to reduce inequality within and among countries.

Course image Art - Sustainable Cities and Communities / SDG 11

The student is able to … 

The learner understands the importance of sustainable cities and communities.  The learner is able to emphasize with next generations by building their own sustainable cities and they will serve humanity.The learner is able to collaborate with groups by creating and practicing a modal city. 

Course image Research & Development - Responsible Consumption and Production / SDG 12

This is the second block of R&D-lessons.

Learners will develop and complete their plans for a swapping event. Optionally, they can visualise the impact of supply chains of food, clothing and products on the environment and become aware of their own consumption behaviour. Learners will also study key words and definitions of SDG 12: responsible consumption and production. They will zoom in on specific examples: the supply chain of chocolate, a mobile phone and/or T-shirt.

Course image Research & Development - Climate Action / SDG 13

This is the first block of R&D-lessons.

In this course, learners will study key words and definitions concerning SDG 13: climate action. They will also learn how to organisie an event and how to effectively use social media platforms to encourage other people to act themselves. Learners will apply the gained knowledge of responsible consumption and production in a real situation. In a group and together with peers abroad, learners will organise a swapping event in which they decrease waste in the first place, raise awareness and encourage other people to take action. 

Course image Science - Life Below Water / SDG 14
In this lesson it is aimed to go deep into the effect of climate change on oceans and marine ecology. The students get their attention by answering the questions given on the lessonup. Then they go deep into the effect of whales on land by watching the related video. They will make brainstorming to conserve the oceans even if they do not see it.  
Course image Science - Life on Land / SDG 15

In this lesson it is aimed to go deep into the soil and its essential components. The students will study on the importance of soil and determine the essential components of it by searching with their group members. 

They will do an experiment to make qualitative analyses of Potassium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus, and measure pH. The students will criticise the results and discuss the sustainable ways of contributing to make healthy soil.    


Course image English - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions / SDG 16

In this lesson, SDG 16 - Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is the objective. Its main topic is the importance of independent journalism. Its final product is the digital manifesto created by students. It has been written as an English Language lesson.